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Authentic Living with Roxanne

Tune in every Thursday @ 11am ET to hear Roxanne and her featured guest discuss relevant topics that will help you to live a more authentic life!

Feb 6, 2019

With 30 years of expertise as an solopreneur, Diana loves to share her knowledge and her mistakes with women entrepreneurs so they can have BIGGER business breakthroughs to not only earn more but live more. 

From Diana’s experience, she sees that too many entrepreneurs are overwhelmed & frustrated with all the activities they ‘think’ they should do.  Instead, Diana talks about 3 general types of business activities: hustle, C.R.A. (consistently the right activity for your stage of business growth); and D.N.A. (Distinctive Natural Advantage).  When you know your stage of business growth AND your own DNA – then all the other activities fall by the wayside leaving business owners to simplify their business (and have time for the activities that truly matter to have business breakthroughs).

She is a bestselling author of SHIFT INTO RICH: Navigate the 9 roadblocks to small business success (which she wrote in two months).

She is also the founder of SHIFT live events for women entrepreneurs which she started in Montreal in 2015.  Currently these events twice a year in Ottawa.

Over the years, she was president of her local Business Association, her local BNI networking group,  and has built 4 other profitable businesses.  Although original someone who hated public speaking, she now loves sharing her message with groups and organizations of all sizes.

She also is a wife of a husband who loves boating in the Thousand Islands and a mother to 2 grown children (a daughter living in Australia and a son currently living north of Yellowknife).