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Authentic Living with Roxanne

Tune in every Thursday @ 11am ET to hear Roxanne and her featured guest discuss relevant topics that will help you to live a more authentic life!

Feb 24, 2022

Quote:  “I’m going in and having these conversations and making connections based on a genuine desire to connect to understand and how it’s going to help someone other than myself.”  Paul Gunn

When I first met Paul, we discussed my soon-to-be-released book, ROR, Return on Relationships, Amplify Your Authentic Leadership to Build More Resilient Teams and the role he plays in his company as a truly authentic CEO. As my book launch is fast approaching, I wanted to reintroduce you to Paul and the fantastic information that he shared about servant leadership.

People today are demanding better.  At home, in the workplace as well as the companies we deal with.  We want to know that what we spend our money on is going to deserving and caring companies.  On this episode of Authentic Living with Roxanne, we welcome servant leader Paul Gunn to share his thoughts on how we can all become more empathetic in life and in business.   

Paul has developed a career around procurement, logistics and supply chain. He is highly skilled in this domain with proven results as evidenced by the firms he has owned and the stellar delivery performance records of each firm. Some of his capabilities include consulting, training and project management implementing quality management, continuous improvement and technology solutions for global organizations leading cross-functional teams in Asia, Europe, Middle East, and America. He is a proven skilled leader in lifecycle and business process management.

Authentic Touch Points:

  • A little about Paul.  3:00
  • Serving as a lifestyle.  5:30
  • The impact of what we do.  8:30
  • Different types of empathy.  14:15
  • Customers are demanding more trustworthy companies.  19:00
  • What it takes to create an empathetic company.  24:15
  • Tips to run a successful and empathetic company.  28:15

As a leading role in the firms he has owned, Paul is a servant leader and SME driving all project phases from proposal generation, requirements gathering, to planning and execution. He led one of his former firm’s largest Quality Management System implementation and certification projects for multi-million-dollar Sustainment Maintenance programs for highly visible DoD end-users. His previous firm was listed as one of Inc's Fastest Growing Privately held firm at #67. Paul holds a Bachelor of Arts in Sociology from Georgia State University and a Master of Science in Business Administration from the University of Phoenix. He is also the Founder of Watertusk Corporation and E-Commerce sites Watertusk Tactical and Lefoni Black.

As we move toward reopening workspaces and gathering again, I encourage leaders to reach out for guidance about presenting their authentic self to develop an improved workplace for everyone with less conflict through executive coaching.   Click here to contact me at your convenience, or click here to Chat with Roxanne!

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