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Jan 23, 2019

Chet Davis has spent 30 years immersed in the successful use of and teaching communications and productivity technologies.

He has been successfully providing technology training & services since January 2009.He left his  position as Vice-President of Marketing and Sales with MacroSystem US in Boulder, Colorado. He joined the company as the Director of Education Sales in North America and was delighted to meet resellers and so many friendly customers from all over North America!

Prior to that to those17 years he spent time in the classroom as teacher of a high school Video Technology program in California.  He really enjoys teaching about digital storytelling… to help others unlock the power that video provides – to share memories, to shape ideas and to simply bring creative ideas alive! He has made presentations at National and Regional    Conferences and led hands-on video production workshops for classroom teachers in 41 US States, 3 Canadian provinces and at the European Schools Conference. He was honored to serve as a member of the CNN-Turner Learning National Faculty.

He is listed in two volumes of Who’s Who in American Education and have testified before a Congressional Sub-Committee on the importance of Technology in Education.

He loves teaching, turning others onto new information and helping them further their abilities to use technology tools to improve their productivity or for entertainment.

He lives in San Rafael, California and enjoy spending time with my family. I love to travel and record those travels on video as well.

My recreational pursuits include tennis, snowboarding and Mountain Biking as well as gourmet cooking & backyard grilling!