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Authentic Living with Roxanne

Dec 20, 2018

Through consulting, coaching, training, speaking and writing, Logan Loomis has committed himself to helping business leaders and salespeople succeed on new levels.


His training programs are based on his two books, Both Sides Win and Getting the People Equation Right, How to Get the Right People in the Right Jobs and...

Dec 13, 2018


Originally born and Raised in Melbourne Australia I moved to Toronto Canada back in April of 2012 after going through my own struggles with depression, adult acne, Psoriasis, body dysmorphia issues, low self esteem and confidence. I knew It was time to go and discover who I really was and create a healthier more...

Dec 6, 2018

Having made my personal journey to fitness i want to share my love of health & wellness to the community.
My 3 passions are:
Dance, kickboxing & helping people be the best versions of themselves through fitness & being totally empowered.
In my early years i was weight challenged, lacked self confidence, self esteem...